Thursday, 1 August 2019

New Government concepts:Social Studies

Social Studies Government Concepts 

Today In social studies our teacher said to us no devices out because we were doing a little exercise with them. They helped us with government concepts. From there, we had to remember all the 7 key concepts that we would later have to explain in front of the whole class.

In social studies we learnt about the new government concepts and the meanings of them e.g (Laws is a rule or set of rules), (Rights Something we are entitle to),
(Government the group of selected politicians who make the laws for our country), (Democracy a system of government where people vote for the people they want in parliament), (Electorate is a voting district.

Mrs Apelu made us exercise our brain's by remembering what the key concepts of the leaders all around the world she made us practice it and she helped us if we were a bit stuck because she wanted us to be confident speakers because some of the seniors in our school are very shy and she wants us to be confident when we get to senior year.

Mrs Robertson made us remember what are all the 7 types of Government key concepts she made us read over all of those key concepts and she also made sure we kept repeating it over and over until we remember off by heart.  

I looked forward to learning this unit it was a bit tough to remember all the 7 concepts but its good that I am learning something new and it is great that I am learning new things so in the future I am gonna know all these things.

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  1. Keep up the great attitude towards your work Armani, I enjoyed reading your summary of what took place in class today.